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Gordon County Firefighters STOP, DROP, and ROLL at FES
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Tuesday, October 03, 2017
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Fairmount Elementary School was honored to have Gordon County Fire Department representatives to come and speak with our 3rd grade students.  Teaching and demonstrating the lessons were Dottie Payne, Zachary Crow, Joey Jordan, and “Sparky”, also known as Jared Robison. The students were taught basic fire safety rules: 

  • For emergencies only, call 9-1-1.
  • During a fire, protect yourself and STOP, DROP, and ROLL
  • Check fire extinguishers to make sure that they are properly working.
  • Do not go back into the house for an animal, a cell phone, or other object.
  • Crawl on the floor to avoid smoke inhalation.
  • Make a family plan as to where to meet so that all family members are safely out of the home. 


We truly appreciate our service heroes here in Gordon County.  

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